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Asian pregnant woman laying peacefully on the table as she gets pregnancy adjustments


Soothe Your Pregnancy Aches


Pregnancy Service

Feel Better Before, During & After Pregnancy

At Remedy Chiropractic Care, we are Webster certified to take care of you before, during and after your pregnancy.  Chiropractic is a safe and natural way to help keep your spine and pelvic function at its best. 


We are specially trained to support your pregnancy journey with the utmost care and compassion. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring both you and your baby are healthy and comfortable through every stage of pregnancy. From relieving common discomforts that occurs as a pregnant woman's biomechanical structure changes to accompany the baby, to promoting overall well-being.  Our personalized services are designed to help you enjoy a smoother, more joyful pregnancy experience.

Benefits of Chiropratic Care

During Pregnancy

Help alleviate back pain, pelvic pain and sciatica
Pain Relief box
Facilitate easier labor and support a more natural birthing
improve alignment
Reduced Nausea
Reduced Nausea
Reduced need for pain medication during labor
Reduce Pain Meds
With better nervous system function, you help alleviate common digestive issues
Improved Digestion
Benefits the growing fetus and support overall fetal development
Improve Nervous System

Advanced Certification

Why Webster Certification Matters for Your Pregnancy

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Dr. Eunice Stewart is Webster certified, a specialized chiropractic certification that focuses on prenatal care. This certification means Dr. Stewart has advanced training in techniques specifically designed to support the health and well-being of pregnant women.


For expectant moms, this translates to gentle, effective adjustments that can alleviate pregnancy-related discomfort, promote optimal fetal positioning, and enhance overall comfort throughout pregnancy. Dr. Stewart’s expertise ensures that you and your baby receive the highest standard of care during this important time.

Services for Expecting Moms 

Gentle Care for You and Your Baby

Pregnant woman getting adjusted. Her eyes are closed and she is feeling better.

Webster Technique


A specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment technique that reduces stress on the pelvis and optimizes uterine function and baby positioning.

Round Ligament Pain Relief


This techniques is used to address and relieve round ligament pain, a common issue due to the growing uterus.

Pregnant woman leaning on exercise ball on the ground
Pregnant woman on the table with chiropractor raising her leg as he conducts her therapy

Pelvic Alignment


Adjustments to maintain proper pelvic alignment, which can facilitate a smoother pregnancy and delivery process.

Sciatica Treatment


Specialized adjustments to relieve sciatica, a condition that often causes pain in the lower back and legs during pregnancy.

Chiropractor is massaging a woman's back as she leans on the wall
Pregnant woman on the ground stretching to touch her toes and smiling

Postural Correction


Guidance and adjustments to correct posture changes that occur during pregnancy, helping to reduce strain on the spine and muscles.

Headache Relief


Techniques to alleviate pregnancy-related headaches, often caused by tension or hormonal changes.

Pregnant woman at the office with a terrible headache
Pregnant woman laying on the sofa getting some good sleep

Improved Sleep Quality


Treatments and advice to help improve sleep patterns and reduce discomfort while sleeping.

Postpartum Recovery


Continued chiropractic care to help new mothers recover postpartum, addressing lingering issues from pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnant woman kissing her newborn baby

Ready to start your journey to better health? Book your appointment today and experience personalized, expert treatment at Remedy Chiropractic Care.

Pregnant woman looking beautiful as she points to her stomach and talks to her baby

The Care and Comfort You Deserve

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